Eficiencia energética y control

Energy communities

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What is an energy community?

In the Spanish legal framework, Renewable Energy Communities are defined as legal entities based on open and voluntary participation. They are autonomous and effectively controlled by partners or members located near these renewable energy projects.
The partners or members of these legal entities are natural persons, SMEs, or local authorities, including municipalities, whose primary purpose is to provide environmental, economic, or social benefits to their partners or members of the local areas. Financial gains are not the main objective of energy communities.

Which are the main activities developed in an energy community?

  • Power generation from renewable sources.
  • Provide energy efficiency services (including, for example, building renovations).
  • Supply, consumption, aggregation, and storage of energy and maximum distribution.
  • Provision of recharging services for electric vehicles or other energy services.

Benefits of an energy community

  • They provide citizens with fair and easy access to local renewable energy resources and other energy or mobility services, benefiting from investments in them.
  • Users will be able to take control and have greater responsibility for the self-provision of their energy needs.
  • Investment opportunities are created for local citizens and businesses
  • Offer communities the chance to generate income and remain in the local community, increasing acceptance of local renewable energy development.
  • Facilitation of integration of renewable energies in the system through demand management
  • Environmental benefits.
  • Social benefits: the creation of local employment and promotion of cohesion and social equity. 

What are the benefits of Energy Communities?
Environmental benefit.

  • The Energy Communities represent an essential change in the energy transition process in our country and the rest of the world.
  • Renewable energies and energy efficiency in these Communities imply "clean technologies" that will generate heat and/or electricity without using fossil fuels and pollutants. For this reason, they offer a clean, autochthonous, safe, and increasingly profitable alternative and a significant contribution to the reduction of polluting gas emissions and the negative impact of climate change.

Socio-economic benefit

  • Reduction of costs and energy dependence: with these energy efficiency measures, energy demand is reduced, and with the use of renewable energies, the need for fossil fuels is consequently reduced. The result? A reduction in energy dependence and the cost of energy supply for the community or locality.
  • Facilitation of integration of renewable energies in the system through demand management
  • Job creation is promoted, and the development of local businesses directly or indirectly related to the renewable energy sector is stimulated.
  • Additional value is added at the local level, offering the possibility of promoting new investments in the community.
  • Remarkable improvement of living conditions in urban and rural areas.
  • Greater social cohesion


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